Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance was released in 2013, after being developed by PlatinumGames and distributed by Konami Digital. It is available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC as well as mobile devices.

Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance is based on the Metal Gear series, players that have never seen it, or know little about it can still enjoy this action packed game without such knowledge. It was the first game that Japanese developers PlatinumGames made for games as well as consoles.

Putting Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance on PC has introduced more players to the highly theatrical way that PlatinumGames animate their games. The whole game looks impressive with graphics and gameplay that match the stunning quality of the animation. It is full of the stylish fighting scenes previously seen in their console only offerings such as Bayonetta and Vanquish. If you can get hold of Bayonetta do so as it their best game so far.

Raiden and a really sharp sword

Throughout this game you play as the leading character, Raiden who is a cyborg that has eye catching silver hair as well as an extremely sharp sword. This sword may be made using advanced methods but it looks like a traditional samurai sword. There is no mention of what the sword is made from yet it cuts through any of the metals encountered during the game as quick as a hot knife through butter. Once you encounter the cyborgs and robots that need to be destroyed you soon become grateful of how sharp that sword is.

Block, parry, slice and dice

For this game PlatinumGames came up with a simple fighting system that make it easy to play. You can make lighter or heavier moves that allow you to fend off your enemies and then deliver a fatal blow. You use the light attack button to parry or counter the blows from opponents. The exact move from Raiden depends on how you time pressing the button.

You may receive fair warning over what opponents are about to do with the lighting over their heads. When there are red lights there is still enough time left to block their blows. However if there is a yellow lights then your only option is to avoid their attack.

Without a doubt the best move you get to perform as Raiden is the Zandatsu. It is a slice and dice move, artfully animated and played in slow motion. Raiden even rips their spines out and their remaining life source is a handy way of topping up your health. It is so well done that it is great thing to do time and time again during each game. It is a move that is always worth watching.

Whether you play this on console or PC you should play this game. It is a visual feast and a load of fun to play. PlatinumGames have made a really good fighting game that is fun to play. The highlight just has to be the Katsansu.

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