Infinity Blade 3 was generally well received by critics and players when it was released and anyone who plays will tell you why. The game picked up where it’s predecessor Infinity Blade 2 left off and continues the tale of the main character, Siris.

Infinity Blade 3 was more advanced than the previous game as the developers took advantage of improvements to mobile technology. At the time of it’s release it was the most advanced game you could play in the mobile format. Even a few years later it can still hold it’s own against games made more recently. Indeed it set the standard that subsequent mobile games had to try to equal let alone exceed.

However technology alone does not make a game great, or a shear delight to play. Granted the graphics are top notch for a mobile game of that time. Yet without a gripping story line or fun gameplay graphics would not mean much on their own. This game has a compelling story line as you play to find out what Siris has to do to complete his mission. His aim (and therefore, yours) is beat the Worker of Secrets. While on the way to completing that task he has to kill any of the surviving human beings that he comes across. You should be able to follow the story line as the game progresses. Some players prefer to read the tie in books to get the complete lowdown on what happened between Infinity Blade 2 and the start of this game.

Once the game has begun there is plenty of fighting to be done as Siris goes from one level to the next. Progress is made by fighting through a series of cells or dungeons. It is a shame that there is little option to explore like there was in the second game.

Weapons are just the same as the previous game except that there are new weapons for the new fighter Isa. Like the other characters she can be armed with light, medium or heavy weapons. It is fun to fight as Isa though she goes not have the same actions or firepower that Siris has got.

There are new features compared to the second game, some are better and others seem annoying or even

backward steps. For instance having to wait three or four hours to create a gem.

Generally though this a really good shooter game to play, the graphics stand out and the plot is a strong one.

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